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Venezuela says first Dicom forex auction yields rate 2,010 bolivars

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OAN Venezuela says first Dicom forex auction yields rate 2,010 bolivars

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[NG] - CBN holds forex auction for airlines, fuel marketers

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Venezuela says first Dicom forex auction yields rate 2,010 bolivars

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[NG] - CBN holds forex auction for airlines, fuel marketers | Vanguard

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@AlphaexCapital : US 7 year WI level before auction 1.468% #forex #forextrading #investing

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@AlphaexCapital : NZD traders - heads up for the GDT dairy auction coming up Tuesday, London time #forex #news #forextrading #investing

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@AlphaexCapital : NZD traders - heads up for the dairy auction due soon (London midday on Tuesday) #forex #news #forextrading #investing

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[Business] - RBI Sets High Cut-Off At Forex Swap Auction, Forward Rates Jump

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[Business] - RBI Sets High Cut-Off At Forex Swap Auction, Forward Rates Jump | NDTV

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Mexican Peso Hits 5-month High Against USD as Mexico's CB Offers New Details on Forex Hedges Auction

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This May Be Out Of Topic But May Help Us In The Long Run

Hi guys. I believe I've found myself surrounded by great personalities here on this platform and I'm grateful I joined this social forum.
We have really smart and interesting people here who stand to gain a lot from these financial markets. The mistake I'd hate for us to make is not investing in something less volatile than the forex markets. We are lucky enough to make money while a lot of our dear friends who do 9-5 are losing jobs left right and centre, and stand to lose their properties if another job doesn't come up.
At first I wanted to have a lot of people to admire my social media with my possessions but I'm glad I was humbled by the market before I could make a fool out of myself. Maybe bringing dignity to this industry is what we need to do.
With that being said, a lot of banks are repossessing assets across the world right now. Once your monthly profit is good, you'd get really great deals right now on cars and throw them on Uber services. Houses that are repossessed below market value currently are pretty attractive, revamping and renting out or toss them on Airbnb for a couple of years before reselling wouldn't be a bad idea especially since the market will have been restored. There's auctions all over the place and art, cars, houses, heavy duty caterpillar assets are so irresistible. Let's do this guys.
Have an amazing, green and easy week full of pips and money. 💰
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[NG] - Forex: CBN announces bids for retail auction

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[NG] - Forex: CBN announces bids for retail auction | Vanguard

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Weak Dairy Auction and Jobs Data Pose Forex Market Losses for NZD - August 6, 2014

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[Event] Ethiopia Expands Efforts to Survey Hydrocarbon Resources

October 2022
East Africa is quickly emerging as one of the premier destinations for oil and natural gas exploration, with numerous foreign companies engaged in exploratory and extractive ventures in countries like Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Mozabique, and Uganda. This new boom in the oil industry, driven by growing global demands and new investments from rising powers like China, has already made several significant oil discoveries, including the 560 million barrel oil find in Turkana, Kenya.
So far, Ethiopia's own share of this East African hydrocarbon rush has been something of a mixed bag. Early speculation regarding Ethiopia's oil reserves--which suggested that the country may have some 2.7 billion barrels of oil hidden away in its southern provinces--has so far failed to materialize into concrete finds, with Tullow Oil (the firm responsible for the Turkana find) failing to find any productive wells in the South Omo Block. Tullow remained in Africa until 2018, when it and partner Africa Oil began the process of withdrawing their operations in the South Omo Block. For a time, it seemed like the promise of hydrocarbon reserves in Ethiopia was dead, with investors looking to proven exploration markets in Uganda and Kenya instead.
And then, payday. In 2018/19, Chinese oil and gas firm Poly-GCL announced the discovery of some 7 to 8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas at the Calub and Hilala gas fields in Blocks 11 and 15, which was quickly followed by British firm NewAGE's discovery of 1.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas near Elkuran in Block 8. These discoveries, amounting to some 272km3 of gas and a smaller quantity of oil, were significant not just for their size (between these two discoveries alone, Ethiopia gained enough natural gas reserves to surpass current gas exporters like Israel, Bangladesh, and Brunei), but as proof that there were hydrocarbon resources in Ethiopia (which drew attention from firms that previously had not invested in exploration in Ethiopia, including oil giant Chevron in late 2019. Ethiopia and Djibouti immediately teamed up to build a 760km+ pipeline connecting these gas fields in the Ogaden basin to the Red Sea. Revenues from the export of natural gas, which started in 2022 with the completion of the pipeline, are expected to amount to some 1b USD annually (increasing as more projects are drilled), bringing a critical influx of FOREX to the Ethiopian government.
With the first exports of Ethiopian hydrocarbon reaching international markets, and with historic oil finds in neighboring Eritrea, Ethiopia is hoping to leverage the possibility of further finds to attract additional investment into its hydrocarbon sector. At present, Ethiopia has several concession blocks that still lack investment, which the government is hoping to rectify by offering exploration rights to international hydrocarbon firms.
South Omo Block
With Tullow's withdrawal from Ethiopia in 2019 after failing to renew their license, the oil concession for the South Omo Block is once again up for licensing. Located in southern Ethiopia along the South Sudan and Kenya borders, the South Omo Block is a geological continuation of the Turkana basin and other major East African hydrocarbon blocks, leading many to speculate that it may share in some of that oil wealth. While the initial estimates that the block may hold up to 2.7 billion barrels of oil seem to have been overstated, if the block contains even a fraction of that amount, it would still be considerably valuable for whomever takes the block.
The Poly-GCL Blocks
Chinese firm Poly-GCL is easily the largest hydrocarbon operator in Ethiopia, owning the extraction rights for the bulk of the new discoveries (7-8 TCF of the total 9.6 TCF). With their ten total exploration blocks in the Ogaden basin, they also have the greatest presence in the region. However, only two of the ten blocks under the license have been properly explored, with the remaining eight awaiting further exploration. Ethiopia is hoping to reach out to Poly-GCL to persuade them to begin exploration activities in the remaining eight (as well as any other blocks they feel like leasing), with the goal of discovering my natural gas or oil.
The Remaining Ogaden Basin Blocks
Out of the 21 blocks in the Ogaden Basin (the site of the most recent natural gas finds), seven are still unlicensed and more or less unexplored, Blocks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 14. Ethiopia hopes to attract foreign firms to begin exploration in these blocks. They are more likely to contain natural gas than oil, as indicated by the discovery of natural gas in blocks 7, 11, and 15, but natural gas is still valuable and desirable.
Adigala Block
The Adigala Block is viewed as an extension of the oil-bearing geological formations of Somaliland, which oil exploration firm Genel anticipates to contain at least 2 billion barrels of oil. Genel previously expressed interest in moving into the Adigala Block, but as of 2019, it was NewAGE, the same firm that made the Elkuran find in Block 8, that entered into license negotiations with the Ethiopian government.
Ethiopia is hoping to finalize license negotiations for the Adigala Block, which Ethiopia hopes will contain some amount of oil, similar to the neighboring oil seeps in Somalia.
Amhara Blocks
The blocks in Amhara state are some of the least explored in the country. Neighboring blocks AB1, AB4, and AB7, operated by Falcon, reported some crude oil finds around 2018, which Ethiopia is hoping will attract additional exploration and investment in the remaining six blocks of the region.
North West Oil Shale
The Ethiopia-Eritrea border is home to some 3.9 billion tons of oil shale--enough to produce a staggering trillion barrels of oil, if it can ever be economically extracted. So far, there has been very little investigation into the viability of these resources, owing to low oil prices in the world. However, with production costs set to continue dropping over the foreseeable future with technological advances in extraction, and with Ethiopia's demand for oil set to grow astronomically as the country's economic development continues, Ethiopia is hoping that some segment of this oil shale can be economically developed. As such, Ethiopia has invited oil shale leaders from around the world, most notably Canadian, Chinese, Estonian, and American firms, to invest in oil shale extraction in northern Ethiopia.
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Your Pre Market Brief for 07/16/2020

Pre Market Brief for Thursday July 16th 2020

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Venezuela Sicad forex rate weakens 6 pct from prior auction

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Mexico to auction around $3.12 bln via new forex mechanism-Deputy FinMin

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Video 3 - Auction Market Theory Simplified Webinar : Using Market Profile and Auction Theory to Trade Stocks Auction Market Theory Price Action Forex Forex Price Action for Beginners - Part 1 - What is price ... Technical Analysis for Beginners  Forex Trading Session ...

RBZ: Forex auction off to flying start. Bidders offered rates at this auction run by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ranging from a low of $25.50, a whisker above the frozen and now-defunct interbank rate prevailing until the auction, to a high of $100, a rate even above the black market rate, for US$1. FOREX AUCTION: Zim Dollar Official Rate 20 October 2020. By. Philomina - 21/10/2020. 57. 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. Email . Print. Telegram. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) this Tuesday conducted the weekly foreign currency auctions for both the Small to Medium Enterprises and the Main Foreign Currency auction at which the Zimbabwe dollar slightly lost value ... Forex auction system: Demand for renting plots increase by 50%. It is clear the productive sectors are rapidly climbing out of the lockdown-induced economic standstill. Foreign currency allotments leapt almost 50 per cent in yesterday’s auction to more than US$31,6 million, smashing spectacularly a record set just a week ago, and with around two-thirds of those allotments going on raw ... Introduction of a Second Foreign Exchange Auction System for Small and Medium Enterprises .pdf [1.7 MB] Introduction of a Foreign Exchange Auction Trading System .pdf [104 KB] Exchange Control Directive RV175/2020 .pdf [100 KB] Applicant Foreign Currency Bid Form .xlsx [410 KB] Authorised Dealer Foreign Currency Bid Form .xlsx [409 KB] FOREIGN EXCHANGE AUCTION RESULTS: SMEFX15/2020 & MAIN FX21 ... From 40 hr ago. Today, the House of Lords struck down part of the Internal Market bill that was a crucial part of Boris Johnson’s plans for a “revised” Brexit trade deal. Although Johnson says he ... Record 10Y Auction Prices At 9 Month High Yield Amid Sharp Drop In Foreign Demand From 40 hr ago. While stocks long ago surpassed their pre-covid February 2020 ... Forex auction helps stabilise prices. 02 Nov, 2020 - 00:11 2020-11-01T23:36:08+00:00 2020-11-02T00:01:26+00:00 0 Views. 0 Comments. The Herald. Golden Sibanda More than US$350 million has been ... Auction Sale of an item to the highest bidder. (1) A method commonly used in exchange control regimes for the allocation of foreign exchange. (2) A method for allocating government paper, such as US Treasury Bills. Small investors are given preferential access to the bills. The average issuing price is then computed on the basis of the competitive bids accepted. In some circumstances for ...

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Video 3 - Auction Market Theory Simplified

This video goes into auction market theory — a different way in which a trader can analyze the short-term movements of the cryptocurrency market. This video ... Why price really moves in the forex market and how the bank guys paint the charts. - Duration: 14:19. Peter Brennan 57,383 views. 14:19. 5 Principles To Identify Auction And Absorption - Footprint ... This is the 1st video in my Forex price action trading course. This course covers the basics of price action trading. In this video, Samuel Morton (a full-ti... Forex Trading Session ZOOM CALL With the Team !! Forex 2020 NBA Strategy 2.0 Template: Trade With Us: ... I Bought a $1,400 RANGE ROVER at Auction with MYSTERY Mechanical Damage SIGHT UNSEEN! - Duration: 21:54. Samcrac Recommended for you. 21:54 🔴 Deep Sleep Music 24/7, Sleep Therapy, Relax ... Auction market theory, volume profiling & mindfullness w/ Kam Dhadwar - Duration: 1 ... Trading Forex with Market Profile (2015) - Duration: 50:13. Trading with Venus 21,336 views. 50:13 ...